Art Nouveau in Ålesund

In January 1904, a devastating fire raged through the Norwegian seaport of Ålesund. After only 16 hours, it had destroyed 850 wooden houses, leaving more than ten thousand people homeless. Only 230 houses remained in Ålesund’s town centre after the fire was extinguished, and the townspeople set out to rebuild their city with the help of donations, passersby, and construction workers, who were in the middle of an economic depression and flocked to the town for jobs. By 1907, the town had been rebuilt in brick and modelled after a new style its citizens deemed befitting newly sovereign Norway entering […]

Snapshots from Bergen

This post contains affiliate links. Seamen’s Monument Fountain in Bergen city centre In March, Eirik and I spent a weekend in Bergen, the second largest city in Norway. There is no doubt that this small city holds a rich cultural heritage — many internationally acclaimed Norwegians, including composer Edvard Grieg, violinist Ole Bull, painter Johan Christian Dahl, and (more recently) comedic duo Ylvis, all hailed from this “city of the seven mountains”. Statue of Edvard Grieg outside Grieghallen in Bergen As you can tell by its nickname, Bergen is surrounded by mountains. The most popular vantage point is atop Mount […]