Authentic experience at Lille Saigon

I often get cravings for Vietnamese food and despite having thought about making my favourite dishes at home several times, I must admit defeat – it is a daunting task to cook many of them and the availability of ingredients in Norway is scarce. Thus, on chilly winter days like these, I visit Lille Saigon for a bowl of phở bò (pictured below) to satisfy and warm my belly.

The small, bustling restaurant may not seem very spectacular, but it offers authentic Vietnamese food (along with authentic service). I recommend ordering the fresh or crispy spring rolls (numbers 5 and 4, respectively) for appetiser. Both kinds of spring rolls are juicy on the inside and served with complementary sauces.

Crispy spring rolls at Lille Saigon 1, Oslo

The main dishes vary from popular Vietnamese dishes (like phở, numbers 8-11) to more obscure ones (like bún bò Huế, number 14), but also include Westerner-friendly options like beef and broccoli (number 34). By Oslo standards, the portions are quite generous and contain a decent amount of meat and vegetables.

If you are looking for a fancy restaurant experience, try elsewhere. But if you are looking for affordable, authentic Vietnamese food in the heart of Oslo, stop by Lille Saigon (the Grünerløkka location is my preference) for a tasty meal 😉


Tacosgiving 2018

The holiday season is in full swing, with Thanksgiving just gone and streets lighting up in anticipation of Christmas. On Sunday, Eirik and I invited our family over for a Thanksgiving dinner. We opted to skip the turkey this year in favour of tacos to add a little touch of Norwegian tradition to our American celebration. Here are some pictures from our Tacosgiving

Preparing for Tacosgiving
Tacosgiving table setting

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