The FireLake experience

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The FireLake experiece

“Created by nature, inspired by fire”

Fire played a vital role to the Vikings, not only for survival purposes like meal preparation, but also in discussions, folklore, and even death. Viking funerals often involved cremation, whether the dead were buried in the ground or sent out into the open sea. At the heart of Stavanger, where the Vikings once roamed, FireLake Grill House returns to these roots by providing a unique grill experience that encourages amicable conversation and familial sharing.

FireLake Grill House, part of the Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel
FireLake Grill House is part of the Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel

“Connecting ancient Norwegian food culture to you”

You can tell that FireLake takes pride in its vision because the staff takes time to explain the restaurant concept to you — how everything, from the name to the menu items to the portions, revolves around the idea of fire uniting people. Here, you can really take time to enjoy your meal and your company.

Viking 'Mjød' bread at FireLake Stavanger
Viking “Mjød” bread was traditionally made from water, spices and honey
Hand-picked limousin sirloin and 12 hours brisket with smoked chili mayonnaise at FireLake Stavanger
Hand-picked limousin sirloin and 12-hour brisket with smoked chili mayonnaise

From the impeccable service to the delectable taste and presentation of food, FireLake provides an outstanding experience for locals and visitors to Stavanger alike. I highly recommend the 12-hour brisket with FireLake rub (pictured above).

If I ever visit Stavanger again, FireLake is definitely a stop I will make! 😉


Friendsgiving dinner

This year, Eirik and I hosted a Friendsgiving dinner with traditional Thanksgiving food: a whole turkey with cranberry sauce, gravy, and mashed potatoes. It was our first time cooking a turkey, so we were quite relieved that nothing went wrong during the process. Researching and preparing ahead of time helped tremendously!

Preparing the turkey

Thanksgiving and Black Friday really capture the greatness of laissez-faire capitalism because together they uphold the role of the mind in your life. On Thanksgiving, you celebrate your success (as the pilgrims once feasted after a bountiful harvest) and on Black Friday, you invest in your future (by buying things you consider of high value at low prices). Without productive use of the mind, there would be neither of these and thus no cause for celebration. Even though it is an American holiday, you can absolutely celebrate Thanksgiving around the world 😉

Table setting for Friendsgiving
Turkey napkin fold

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend! 🙂