An ode to the Good Girl

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Hair and makeup by Fabiana Medeiros

Perfumes are sensuous, invisible accessories that add the finishing touch to an outfit. Just as having great style is more than having a wardrobe full of clothes, so having a signature scent is more than putting on a perfume diligently everyday. As Christian Dior once pointed out, “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.”

For as long as I can remember, my mother had used a small spritz of Escape by Calvin Klein as the finale of her makeup routine. She liked the fruity, floral notes of mandarin, apricot, and ylang ylang, mixed with a base of vanilla and sandalwood – a crisp, refreshing scent that was welcoming but not overwhelming and lingered throughout the day. She was such an adherent to the perfume that she bought a bottle whenever she travelled. Unfortunately, it was discontinued several years ago and became increasingly harder to find in stores. It felt like the end of an era when she settled for Chanel N°5 as a replacement because I had grown so accustomed to her old signature scent, which captured her daydreaming personality.

The crowning moment of womanhood is choosing a signature scent that embodies who you are and who you want to be. After some years of sampling fragrances in department stores and looking at their various campaigns, I have finally found my signature scent: Good Girl by Carolina Herrera.

Good Girl by Carolina Herrera

The vision

Perfume is an accessory. As with Couture, creating a scent is a long and thoughtful process. GOOD GIRL’s fragrance is inspired by Carolina Herrera’s unique vision of the modern woman: audacious, sexy, elegant and enigmatic. Forever pushing and crossing the limits.

Powerful, playful and a lady on the edge, the GOOD GIRL is never afraid to be herself, challenging the expectations of everyone she meets. Her magnetic sensuality captivates men and women alike as she knows exactly where and when to reveal her true self.

The name

Like the city of New York itself, GOOD GIRL is bold, powerful and daring. In a town where everything is possible, GOOD GIRL empowers women to be their total self and to make the city their own.

The fragrance

The complex duality of modern femininity is captured in this sophisticated yet multifaceted women’s perfume […] with the luminous facet of tuberose and best quality Sambac Jasmine contrasted with the dangerously addictive notes of roasted tonka beans and Cocoa.

I like that the scent is not overwhelming but lasts throughout the day and transitions subtly from dawn to dusk, from sweet and fruity to spicy and floral – perfect for a woman on the go.

The bottle

Heels are the ultimate symbol of power, igniting passions with their extreme sensuality. Completing that ‘femme fatale’ look, the GOOD GIRL bottle defies the laws of earthly attraction, combining haute couture aesthetics with technical expertise. If you give a girl the right shoe, she can conquer the world.

The beautiful bottle can really add flair and personality when displayed on your vanity or night stand.

The campaign

Inspired by Herrera de Baez, embodied by Karlie Kloss and immortalized by Mario Testino, GOOD GIRL is showing the world what the power of femininity looks like, smells like, feels like… In this campaign, Testino brings a third dimension to the concept of duality by casting a light on the mystery of woman and putting her true self on display.

Get the fragrance

You cannot go wrong when gifting someone their signature scent – it shows that you notice and appreciate the finer subtleties of their being! 😉

Pia Tjelta flies solo at Oslo Runway AW 18

Pia Tjelta for Oslo Runway AW 18

Happy Monday! Oslo Runway came and went, but Norwegian Fashion Week is not yet over. Here are some pictures of what I consider the highlight of Oslo Runway: the launch of Pia Tjelta’s solo line.

For the occasion, I had my hair done by Sarah Prüller at Skum Frisør. The salon is so beautiful and the results are amazing, as you can see 😉 The intricate arrangement of curls nicely complemented my blouse 🙂

Pia Tjelta for Oslo Runway

Actress Pia Tjelta (currently starring in Henrik Ibsen’s Lille Eyolf at Nationaltheatret) debuted her eponymous line at Oslo Runway this weekend. She is no stranger to fashion, having previously collaborated on a collection with ByTiMo last April. Her bio for Oslo Runway reads as follows:

As an actress, Pia Tjelta has spent years surrounded by costumes made by the tailors at the National Theatre in Oslo. She has always put a lot of effort in interpreting her characters through the possibilities given by clothing. Inspired by her love for the theatre, the great dramas and movie icons throughout time, her designs focus on choice of materials and attention to detail. The design team, which consist of Tjelta, fashion designer Nina Amble and print designer Torunn Myklebust, aims for a timeless flattering look that can be worn by generation after generation.

The collection was cleverly displayed to highlight each piece’s uniqueness and overall showcased how the modern woman can style each piece to suit her daily activities.

Pia Tjelta for Oslo Runway AW 18
Pia Tjelta for Oslo Runway AW 18
Pia Tjelta for Oslo Runway AW 18
Pia Tjelta for Oslo Runway AW 18

With intricate lace details and flowy silhouettes, the collection is dreamy and ethereal – the epitome of Norwegian femininity.