The last days of winter

Last weekend, Eirik and I went on a trip with our parents to our grandparents’ cabin in Skeikampen. I got to try skiing for the second time and was amazed at how much better I have gotten! Though it was gray and foggy when we went skiing, the sun came out shortly after we returned to the cabin.

Hat: Dale of Norway
Jacket: Swix
Trousers: Swix
Gloves: Swix

Mormor and Morfar have decorated the cabin with many vintage icons and trinkets that make the cabin resemble one you typically see in the movies. It is truly sooo cosy and was such a great place to spend the weekend!

Eirik and I also took the ski lift up to the top of the Skeikampen mountain (more than 1000 meters above sea level). It was amazing how far off into the distance we could see!

It is amazing how fast the snow melted this weekend. There was considerably less snow as we drove home on Sunday than when we drove up the mountain on Friday. The warm sun hinted at the arrival of spring and it grew as we got closer and closer to Oslo.

Enjoy the first days of spring! 🙂


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