Spring in Norway means that Norwegians try to go outside as much as possible to enjoy the warmer weather (which is considered nice as long as it is not snowing or raining). Restaurants have begun to offer outside seating and outdoor markets are beginning to emerge. Today, shops in the Vika neighbourhood set up booths on the Vikaterrassen walkway with samples and activities to celebrate spring.

My favourite place in Vika is Xích Lô Asian Bakery & Tapas. I have not had a chance to try their tapas yet, but I can definitely vouch for their baked goods! They have both savoury and sweet treats, from brioche to doughnuts…and even bánh mì (Vietnamese sandwich)!

The namesake of the bakery is this pedicab, a common form of transportation in southeast Asia, particularly Vietnam. Being on a pedicab is quite nice in the summer because you feel a little breeze as you ride along. Have you ever been on one? 🙂


A feast at Lille Asia

To celebrate the weekend, Eirik and I went bookstore hopping and dined at Lille Asia. We had the buffet of Thai curries and assorted sushi, served tapas style, but you can also opt to order dishes à la carte.

The restaurant was very spacious, with good ambiance and super comfy seats. Needless to say, we greatly enjoyed ourselves! After all, who does not love unlimited salmon sashimi?

Have a great weekend, dear readers! 🙂


Spring is in the air

Despite being a religious holiday, Easter (Påske) is celebrated by non-religious Norwegians as well because it signifies the beginning of spring after a cold, dark winter. The sun has returned and spring is in the air as the first flowers bloom: hestehov, blåveis, and hvitveis.

Though the holiday officially begins on Palm Sunday (Palmesondag), many people take the whole weekend from Friday before Easter off to enjoy one last ski trip in the mountains. Eirik and I used the days to explore the neighbourhood as well as relax at home.

We also got to spend a lot of time with the family and enjoyed leg of lamb, a traditional Easter meal.

Hope you had an egg-cellent Easter! 🙂