HP and the chocolate factory

Do you recognise the familiar yellow chocolate bar? It is Freia Melkesjokolade, produced by Norway’s leading chocolate manufacturer, Freia. The chocolate is marketed as “Et lite stykke Norge” (a little piece of Norway), which is why Norwegians often buy this particular brand to give to their foreign friends.

Yesterday, I was at the Freia factory for an open house event. I felt a little like Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as I got to taste different kinds of milk chocolate that Freia produces (with figs, nuts, etc.) and learned a little about the history of the company and the chocolate-making process. There were no chocolate river or Oompah Loompahs, but there was Norway’s largest chocolate house!

The level of detail is really quite amazing! Just look at the windows, roof, and railings on these closeups:

Outside the factory is a little sculpture park created for the enjoyment of everyone who visited the factory. Since it gets dark very early in Norway these days, coloured lights were set up to illuminate the sculptures.

I particularly liked this sculpture of Nike, the goddess of victory. There are many like this in museums throughout the world. No doubt I will see it again in better lighting!

Can you believe that the first week of 2017 is already over? Hope your new year’s resolutions are going well so far 😉


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